Moog vs. Timken Wheel Bearing

When we drive, the first thing that clicks to our mind is our safety. And to ensure our safety, we must ensure that our vehicles are having the parts working well. Vehicle wheels are the most crucial part of driving and rotate them correctly you cannot ignore picking up wheel bearings.

Wheel bearings are essential to hold the grip between the vehicle tire and wheels. Wheel bearings confirm proper wheel movement and control. Thus this is the prerequisite of controlled driving experience. When you are going off-road or in hectic driving, your car wheels must be under control. And none but wheel bearings can ensure that.

Moog or Timken Wheel Bearings

Moog Wheel Bearings

Timken Wheel Bearings

Flange Shape Triangular

Flange Shape Tapered

Anti-Lock Braking Systems (ABS) Available

Anti-Lock Braking Systems (ABS) Available & work as a sensor

Classic, sturdy steel bearing with better coating

Tapered bearing with decent coating & less durable

Precision matched bearing parts for a better fit

Precision bearing fitting for better control

Noise and Vibration Prevention Available

Low runout feature lows the vibration and noise down

Quad Lip seal reduces contamination and retains lubricants and smoother brake performance.

Low run out and seal and shield retains lubricants and smoothens braking performance

Designed for fast, hassle-free installation

Hassle-free installation

3 years of Warranty

90 days of Warranty

Made In U.S.A

Made In U.S.A

The market is flooded with various wheel bearing brand but we know you cannot pick up any random part for your vehicle. Thus this content focused on the biggest names in the wheel bearing market; The Timken and the Moog. Both of the brands are the pioneers in manufacturing car parts and especially wheel bearings and hub assembly. Moog vs Timken debate has been everywhere firing like a volcano.

To be particular about this comparison, both the brands offer quite the same features to their customers. Timken has been the most ancient and reliable brand so far and most of the users use Timken depending on their grandfathers’ or fathers’ recommendations. But Moog has been relatively new in the market. Yet Moog has created its own space of fame.

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The comparison cannot be prolonged; thus they are mostly the same on features, durability and work efficiencies. But the significant difference between these two brands lies in the manufacturing place. The Timken parts are manufactured and tested in the USA but recently, the Moog parts are manufactured in China. This information creates a major conflict between users. Most of the users are not believe in the Chinese manufactured parts.

Moog Wheel Bearings Review

These front driver side wheel bearings are great for better and slow operation. These wheel bearings are worth your investment due to better durability and super efficiency.


  • Quad lip seal feature for eliminating pollutants
  • Specific engineered designed parts for a better fit
  • Noise and friction-free operation

Short Review on the Timken Wheel Bearings

Timken is your everyday traditional wheel bearings that can never go wrong for anyone. They are reputed for third ABS sensor technology and high manufacturing materials.


  • It provides better fuel efficiency
  • Smooth and quiet operation
  • Extremely easy to install

Where are Timken bearings made?

The company is famous for its products in the bearing and assembles industry. Founded back in the eve of 19th century, 1899 this company has gained immense popularity from the users of its product. The company carries out its operation from 33 different countries. So to conclude bearings are made in different parts of the world. Ask your dealer for specifically if you want china made ones or us made ones.

Where are Moog parts made?

This company is known for its performance-based and well-tested vehicle parts that are ready for use in both domestically or internationally. The parts produced by the company are developed around 16 countries in the world. They are a globally established name. They have two main manufacturers. China and Japan lead the current race. The parts made by the Japanese section are acclaimed to be 5 stars.

How long can you drive on a bad wheel bearing?

The bad parts need to be replaced with immediate action. But what happens when you can’t have it changed for some time? Or like you are on a drive in the middle of a highway? The ideal thing is to drive the car on a steady basis and avoid unnecessary braking or accelerating.

You can hear noises coming from the vehicle and the noise will only increase as you keep on driving. One must drive no more than 1000miles if they face a similar scenario. But the driver should try and avoid driving like this as this can lead to a bigger problem like the wheel breaking down of excessive heat.

How long will a wheel bearing last after it starts?

Wheel bearings have a lifespan that is subjected to the use and the quality of the bearings. The average lifetime the bearings are usually from 130,000km to about 160,000km. Being so much vital for operating the vehicle, the bearings must be checked every two weeks for any fault as the failure can lead to fatal injuries.

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